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Rp 494.000.000

*Harga Wilayah Jakarta
The H-1 opens up a new world for you to experience. Projection headlamps deliver a sleek, purposeful impression, while a stylish radiator grille enhance the overall presense. Newly-designed wheels and side garnish complete the modern, progressive style.
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Harga on the road Jakarta

Group Model Sales Model Harga on the Road
New H-1 XG Gasoline Rp 494.000.000
New H-1 Royale Gasoline Rp 568.000.000
New H-1 Elegance CRDi Rp 505.500.000
New H-1 H1 XG CRDi Rp 545.000.000
New H-1 Royale CRDi Rp 618.500.000